In 2007, Prima plast d.o.o. has bought from KIK Kamnik d.d. daughter company KIK Plasti Plastika d.o.o. and rename it to Primaplastics d.o.o.


Primaplastics d.o.o. is now 100% owned subsidiary by Prima plast d.o.o.. Primaplastics d.o.o. has 40 years of experiences in the manufacturing of various plastic products.


With Primaplastics d.o.o. Prima plast d.o.o. got machinery, knowledge and knowhow and a lot of experienced and quality personnel,  which are ready for an advanced challenges and new customers.


History of Primaplastics d.o.o. goes back to the 50th in past century, when the former working organization "Kamnik" started manufacturing packaging material for their own needs. The first used material was PVC, laminated. In 1962 with first extrusion machine production of  PE foil has started. From 1963 to 1969, few new extruding and  welding machines were bought together with the first printing machine. Production was then located in Kamnik - Fužine. Between 1969 and 1970, plastic production plant has been moved to its current location in the Kamnik Šmarca. Beside the extrusion hall additional hall for printing and confectioning products has been built.  Needs for  PE bags and sleeves was rapidly growing in accordance with growing industry in Slovenia.  


At the beginning of the 1990th cooperation with the automotive industry has been launched and was growing till today by considering constant developement and production costs deduction demanded from automotive industry.