Our company has over 40 years experiences in high quality plastic products - plastic bags, protection parts for the automotive industry, agro- foil, construction foil, packaging bags for different industries and pallet hoods and bags, etc..

If you are looking for listed products, you have come to the right place. Our products have high quality, as we are investing a lot of skill from our experts in to our production process and we are using excellent materials.

We are paying our attention to high quality standards what has been confirmed also by the certificates of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001.
We can guarantee you that when ordering any of our products you will be very satisfied, what can be confirmed by our regular customers.

  • Automotive program

    Automotive program is one of the most powerful in our production line. The products of the automotive program are being delivered to well known car manufacturers. Our products in the automotive program are cockpit floor protection covers, door-step protection, combi cockpit floor protection cover, seat protection covers and other products.

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  • Foil

    Foils produced by our company are used in the manufacturing of building materials, insulation materials, paper, food production, agriculture and other industries. Foils we produce can have maximum of 4.8 m width and thickness from 20 up to 250 microns. Products and / or film in our production is divided into: thermoshrinkable film, UV stabilized film, ESD film, agro-foil, permeable foil and other foils.

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  • Pallet bags

    Pallet bags are used for protection of pallets or cartons. Our company manufactures conventional pallet bags and hoods and also ESD bags and sacks.

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  • Plastic bags

    Various bags and plastic bags are now accompanying us at every turn. They became virtually indispensable as they are used in virtually every industry, especially in trade and for promotional purposes.

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